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BUS5334 Course in Bahçeşehir University

Design Thinking and Innovation ( BUS5334) is a course that aims to study the popular trends in design, entrepreneurship and innovation by experience oriented learning principles during the 7 or 14 weeks semesters.  The phenomenon of entrepreneurship, which has gained importance in recent years, has been increasingly taking place both in academic and commercial worlds. After the theoretical framework of entrepreneurship, real life examples will be shared by executives from various sectors to reinforce topics and ease to execution steps. The course aims to examine the virtual/real business ideas in all dimensions and prepare their business model designs. The rule #1 for Lecturer : If the topics are not useful in commercial world, there is no time for them. Every Subject applicable all of them is useful like hand tools and immediately take in to their place inside tour working life. after the course.  Important notes: The aim of the BUS5334 is to develop the indispensable qualiti

Session #1 - What are your expectations, needs & wants from elective MBA course?

What do you expect from MBA course? We don't buy things we don't need. We contact customer relations for services we are not satisfied with. One of the biggest investments you've made in your life is the MBA program and its elective courses. So what do you do when you realize that you don't need that optional class after couple of weeks later? Or what if you don't like the instructor's style of training? I felt during my own MBA the rest of the weeks are waste of time and effort.  Isn't there a way to prevent it? For this reason, on the first day of the add-drop week of the course, we go over the topics that what we will cover for the next 14 session. We would like to understand your expectations and determine the average needs of various participants.  %10 of the course is standard literature and readings from HBR or else %70  like experience sharing platform across class participants experiences. Important Notice ! It does not mean that

Final Exam

4 Questions Open book Open Internet

Course 14

Team Presentations Based on BMC - Persona Canvas - Value Proposition - Story Telling Canvas

Course 13

Self Presentations Based on BMC you Canvas

Course 12

Presentation Techniques Self Confidence Effective Presentations Presentations with stories PowerPoint Canva Keynote Online Tools

Course 11

Stage Gate Process Production & Marketing Plans

Course 10

Insight Gathering Story Telling

Course 9

Entrepreneurs World How to set up a company in Turkey E-Commerce and others

Course 8

Business Model Canvas You 2014-2019 Example

Course 7

Motivation Pillars User Type Test Gamifications

Course 5 & 6

Delivering @ Design Thinking Course 5 Self Awareness Value Setting Self Discovery Course 6 Urgency & Importance Grid Learning Skills Swot Analysis

Course 4 & 5

Ideation Techniques Course 4 ABCD BrainWriting 5 How - 5 Why Course 5 Crazy People Steal Shamelessly Collage Reformulation

Course 2 & 3

Business Model Canvas Intro Persona Canvas Value Proposition Canvas