BUS5334 Course in Bahçeşehir University

Design Thinking and Innovation (BUS5334) is a course that aims to study the popular trends in design, entrepreneurship and innovation by experience oriented learning principles during the 7 or 14 weeks semesters. 

The phenomenon of entrepreneurship, which has gained importance in recent years, has been increasingly taking place both in academic and commercial worlds. After the theoretical framework of entrepreneurship, real life examples will be shared by executives from various sectors to reinforce topics and ease to execution steps.

The course aims to examine the virtual/real business ideas in all dimensions and prepare their business model designs. The rule #1 for Lecturer : If the topics are not useful in commercial world, there is no time for them. Every Subject applicable all of them is useful like hand tools and immediately take in to their place inside tour working life. after the course. 

Important notes:
The aim of the BUS5334 is to develop the indispensable qualities and abilities of the participants for success in business life such as systematic and analytical thinking, listening to others and acquiring the ability to innovate with them, working together, learning new ideas, learning techniques. In addition to theoretical and practical knowledge, various training methods and techniques such as presentations, online applications, group and project homeworks. It is very important that you know that the course is not just theoretical 325 pages powerpoint lecturing. You will create a new business idea which move to working prototype and then that the business idea assign as a term assessment where you will present it to a real investment parties to get funds.

It is important to note that this is an active seminar, as well as being a conventional classroom lesson. Therefore, attendance, interaction and preparation are critical. In order to be successful, at least 70% attendance is required. There will be various reading assignments on important topics discussed throughout the training.

Course Goals

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management course aims to provide great benefits to new business starters, business people who need an innovative perspective to develop their business and people who want to think innovative at every stage of life.
  • To prepare the flow of the presentation properly, to convince people of the idea and to achieve the goals we want to achieve the performance of the techniques we will learn by experiencing.
  • Using IDEANATION Techniques to use our minds more efficiently by getting rid of existing patterns and producing analytical brilliant ideas in groups.
Instructor: Engin Özören
Contact Info: e.ozoren@gmail.com 
Office Hours: Thursdays: 17:00-18:30 Pfizer İlaçları Ortaköy / Beşiktaş

Overall Student Voting results
Bus5334 : 8.7
BAU MBA: 7.8 
BAU ALL : 7.5


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